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    PVP Strategy!


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    PVP Strategy!

    Post by Tanis on Fri Feb 17, 2012 10:28 am

    It does depend a lot on the other team and how organized they are, but, like I said communication and strategy wins warzones!

    I'm not trying to say that it's me, because it's not. It's people who want to have a strategy but don't want to or don't know how to deliver one. Be that person and your percentage of wins will go up.

    So without further ado:


    Strategy: Start out with 2 people going left and the rest hitting the middle. The 2 to the left base (west for Republic players, East for Imperials, i believe) are to have a bit of defense to control the base if the other team has a wanderer that feels like trying to solo a base.

    The middle is important. A lot of people say to control sides because it's easier, but the middle gives you the advantage of being able to stack more defense and get it to your second base quickly and easily.

    If people start attacking the middle, there should be 5-6 people there that should be able to easily defend from a cap, while your second base should be able to call incoming players and you should be able to get defensive forces there quickly from the middle. There is no way that the other team can effectively attack both bases. Stack the middle heavier, and get defense back when you can after a side base attack, always leaving at least 2 people at the side base. A healer and dps/tank is great to have time to get more defense there if needed.

    If you are overwhelmed at either base, most likely middle, and it becomes well defended, continue to send 1 or 2 people into the middle to die and try. A tank with CDs is great, because all you're doing is keeping them distracted. While this is going on, group up and hit their other base. Do not go alone. Just wait for a second for other people to respond, and go in a group of 3 or more. Once you control their other side base (if they control the middle), they will send a surge to get it back, which is your opportunity to retake the middle with a surge yourself using the same method that you used to take the base.

    ALTERNATE STRATEGY: Thanks to numerous people for bringing this up: holding the sides can be worthwhile as opposed to the middle and a side. As long as defense is split and you use the side speeders to quickly return to the side base to defend it if you die, and quickly focus on interrupting captures asap when you get back, they can be defended almost indefinitely. Just be on top of cc and interrupting caps. And again, DO NOT let yourself get kited into the field away from the turret.


    Never try and solo a base. It's never a good idea. It's so rare that you need a base and there's no one there to defend, that all you're really doing is either weakening your team's defense or weakening an offensive surge group.

    When you control side bases, you get an extra speeder from the respawn point that drops you off directly there. It's a great way to get back to a base to defend, or to move to the side base quickly to bolster defenses.

    NEVER leave a base you're defending to chase a kill. You are getting kited. Plain and simple. Defending a base is more important than getting that one kill that's going to probably result in your base getting ninja'd.

    If you're fighting in one of the fields, or anywhere away from a base, for that matter, you're most likely doing it wrong. I know stopping to kill someone is tempting, but all it's doing is stopping an offensive surge or weakening your defenses. It's never worth it. Unless you are working to kite people away from their base to get someone to cap behind them.

    If you control 2 bases, and you aren't guaranteed a win based on the score, there is zero reason to try and e a hero and capture a third.

    As PvP is right now, we have a whole range of levels. A fun strategy is to send a low level out into a field and run around in front of a defended base while someone ninjas it. Defenders seem to not be able to resist running out to kill a low level player.

    Always fight on turrets when defending!!! I can't stress this enough. The most common time for a base to be capped is when it is defended, but people chase kills away from anywhere near where they can stop a capper. Always keep an eye on the turret you're defending.

    You can use the turrets that you're capping as line of sight points. Always cap on the opposite side attackers will be coming from.

    Don't try to cap when there are people swarming the base. It's fine when they've been kited away and you're trying to ninja, but I see people all the time trying to cap when the entire base is overrun. It rarely, if ever, works. Just kill more until there's a real chance.

    And lastly, for now, if someone is already capping a base, the best thing you can do is defend them, not try and overcap them. Most classes, that I can tell, have some sort of stun, slow, etc. If one of your teammates is capping something, look around, find an attacker coming to interrupt, and stop them while the base can be capped. Don't try and kill them, just slow them down.

    Thanks to VodkaMonster: "when you run halfway up the left ramp (from the starting area perspective) on the inner circle of the middle, you can easily see where enemy attacks are headed. That makes it easy to call out incoming to middle AND side, as well as jump off the ledge to run toward the side base and reinforce it."


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