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    Huttball protip.


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    Huttball protip.

    Post by Tanis on Fri Feb 17, 2012 10:24 am

    Huttball protip.

    Imagine the field in three zones.

    Zone I: the area outside your goal including the catwalks and the pit. Zone II: the ball spawn zone acid pit to acid pit Zone III their catwalks and endzone

    Primary ball carrier for zone I and II sholuld be assassins, carrier and scoreman for zone III should be a jugg. Basic twoman strat, assassin sprints to ball (you can jump over the acid pit) picks it and runs usually around the outside to get up the ramps, the air vents are made of fail and rage.

    Meanwhile jugg runs straight to the top tier of zone III By the time the assassin gets ontop of the first catwalk via the side ramps and is assuredly cc'd to hell and back use your escape at maz resolve to sprint to a throw poistion for the jugg.

    Jugg gets ball and leaps to enemy returning out of spawn, almost instant td. With practice this simple 2 man premade can get the first point in about 45 seconds, and run a 6-0 sweep in about 4-6 minutes. When someone puts up a point at under the minute mark many of the enemy 'elite pvpers' will afkquit or leave wz due to their 'shitty team', which just let's you run this formula faster and faster.



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    Re: Huttball protip.

    Post by Maynard on Fri Feb 17, 2012 5:14 pm

    Nice... so hutball tonight?

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