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    Eternity Vault Final Boss


    Eternity Vault Final Boss

    Post by Guest on Sun Jan 15, 2012 3:03 am

    Eternity vault final boss:

    Stay out of greenish blue aoe, and avoid white lightning balls as they will do about 2k dmg and also explode doing around 8k dmg.

    At 75% all ops members must be on the outside ring as the center floor sections drop out and will take any ops memebers with them. if melee dps can jump to a party member on the outside this will help, or if you can pull a party member out of the center its a big help as well.

    With the center sections of the floor gone you now have to jump to floating floor platforms and killing the small pillar objects on them (must take out a minimum of 5). NOTE all party members should be using medpacs when able to assist with healing as the amount of time on each platform section is minimal. Also healers should be using all quick heals (less than 2 secs) to help get ops members topped off (as you do take fall damage on the way down).
    *Another note all dps that have the ability to use quick heals should help heal ops member while jumping from platform to platform (BH can use the healing gas chambers as its a big help).
    ** If a platform seems to be to far way it may very well be you do have some time to wait to see if another floor section will fall within a better range to jump to (just dont wait to long). ***Dont forget to check all sides for a platform to jump to IE check behind you as well.
    The small "pillars" on the platforms dont have much HP and should be burned very quickly

    Once you make it to the second main floor area you will see more lightning orbs as well as Mind Traps.

    Mind Traps will pull a party memeber into them (much like a cc) these will need to be burned down as fast as possible (they take priority over the boss). In addition a random party member can be pulled into the air and bounced around the outside walls taking damage along the way.
    When the boss is down to about 30% the center two floor sections will drop out again and its more platform fun (same as before)
    The third and final stage of the boss fight will be on the ground floor. the boss will be in a protective sheild and will not take damage. A large falling pillar will need to hit the boss to break the sheild (tank will need to pull the boss under them) ops members need to avoid these as they will kill you. This will be done 3 times (you may get an additional attempt as well).

    Mind traps take priority as most times they will pull your higher dps in. In this last area all ops members should be doing dps when able as its a dps race to beat the enrage timer.


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    Re: Eternity Vault Final Boss

    Post by Tanis on Sun Jan 15, 2012 11:22 am

    AWESOME POST!! I mean really well done Matt. Thanks for the insight ill be SURE to study up and come preparred!


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