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    [Sniper] What's your damage rotation?


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    [Sniper] What's your damage rotation?

    Post by JiggaMan on Tue Jan 10, 2012 4:42 am

    Whether it's in PvP or PvE, the best way to maximize your damage is to have the perfect rotation of abilities without gutting yourself of energy. I thought we could share our rotations here.

    As a sniper I've found that some of my skills tend to become useless, while others are forgotten when they should be in the forefront of your damage rotation. (I'm sure this is the same with all classes, don't flame me)

    My MAIN damage rotation for both PvE and PvP right now are as follows:

    SNIPE>AMBUSH>(Spam while ambush is casting)Explosive probe>followthrough>series of shots>SNIPE

    rinse, repeat.

    I, of course, sprinkle in the regular rifle shot while regulating my energy as well as use my armor reduction, leg shot, and sometimes poison dart for DoT.

    What's yours, fellow snipers?

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