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    BRAVO!! BRAVO!! to our new Home!


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    BRAVO!! BRAVO!! to our new Home!

    Post by Tanis on Wed Jul 02, 2008 5:42 pm

    First and foremost allow me to THANK Franco for his time, effort, and generosity, in making this new web site a reality. cheers

    Franco requested and i enthusiastically accepted, to serve as Forums Moderator. I'd love to see MOAR posts from you guys, what are your interests? what do you want info on? You want to see it, hear it, read it, I'll find it and post it Exclamation afro This is your home to express yourself and have some fun or be introspective it's all up to US alien 2 rules: #1 mark questionable shit NSFW ( you KNOW I don't give a fuck but some pussy complained about reading it at work ) and #2 Flames and ugly rants will be deleted by ME ASAP upon their detection if you have to ask what that may be, don't post it. In Pheardomo we've become more like a family and siblings will occasionally argue but do it in PM's the forums are for FUN monkey sunny drunken lol! cyclops

    Lets get to posting!!




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    Re: BRAVO!! BRAVO!! to our new Home!

    Post by Franco on Sun Jul 06, 2008 10:13 pm

    Tanis, if you figure out how to Sticky let me know


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