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    Please note that you need a large number of brewfest tickets. This meta achievement will require a lot of dedicated effort for completion. Be very careful about what you spend your tickets on. You will need a total of 555 tickets to complete this achievement, assuming you do not get lucky with a mount drop from Coren.

    From a commoner in any major city, get the quest Brewfest!
    Go to Orgrimmar, just outside the front gates to the Brewfest camp. Turn in Brewfest!
    Get and turn in Welcome to Brewfest!
    From the Voodoo Brewery Apprentice purchase and drink Brewdoo Magic, Jungle River Water, Stout Shrunken Head.
    From the Distillery Apprentice purchase and drink Long Stride Brew, Path of Brew, and Small Step Brew.
    From the Gordok Apprentice purchase and drink Gordok Grog, Mudder's Milk, and Ogre Mead.***Strange Brew Complete!***
    From Bron purchase and eat Dried Sausage, Pickled Sausage, Savory Sausage, Spicy Smoked Sausage, Succulent Sausage, and The Golden Link.
    From Uta Roughdough purchase and eat The Essential Brewfest Pretzel.
    From Agnes Farwithers purchase and eat Spiced Onion Cheese. ***The Brewfest Diet Complete!***
    From Blix Fixwidget purchase a Wolpertinger's Tankard for 40s. ***Does Your Wolpertinger Linger? Complete!***
    Get, complete and turn in Chug and Chuck. Near the quest-giver there is a table of beer mugs. Grab one, target the robot S.T.O.U.T. and throw the beer mug at him. Repeat 5 times and you're done!
    Get then complete and turn in when possible This One Time When I Was Drunk.... The Dark Irons will attack brewfest every 30 minutes for 5 minutes. /wave at brewmaidens and they will throw you a mug. Use the mug while pointing in the general direction of Dark Irons to knock them down. When Brewfest is successfully defended (meaning the Dark Irons don't destroy all the large kegs in the camp) a large gear will appear in the center of the camp. Use the gear to complete the quest. This is a daily quest that you will need to do for tokens for other achievements. ***Down with the Dark Iron Complete!***
    Make sure you are not mounted or shapeshifted. Get Now This Is Ram Racing...Almost. Upon accepting this quest you will be given Ram Racing Reins. I recommend Hotkeying the reins. Using the reins will make your ram walk, trot, or gallop depending on how often you use them. Keep in mind that depending on your speed you will be getting a stacking debuff called Ram Fatigue. If it reaches 100 you will be immediately reduced to a less-than-walking-speed state called Exhausted. You must wait 15 seconds for the debuff to go away before you can go faster. There are barrels of apples around brewfest that will reset the stacking debuff if you get close enough to them. Maintain the various speeds until you complete the quest then turn it in.
    Get, complete and turn in There and Back Again. Race south down the road to the small brewfest camp, recieve a keg then race back. Repeat as fast as you can while utilizing the apple barrels along the way to maintain top speed. Every barrel you turn in gives you 2 more brewfest tokens and + 30 more seconds on the ram. Once you've turn in this quest you unlock Additional Work.
    Additional Work is not a quest. It's a timer that allows you to do the ram racing every 12 hours or so for more brewfest tickets. You will need to do this as often as you can for tokens for other achievements.
    Get Bark for Drohn's Distillery! or Bark for T'chali's Voodoo Brewery! Complete it and turn in. This map shows you the points in Orgrimmar you need to visit. By maintaining a trot and the occasional canter you should be able to make it without getting fatigue. This is a daily quest for tokens! You will need to do this as often as you can so you'll have enough tokens for other achievements.
    Get Save Brewfest! To complete this quest you need a group to travel to BRD, use the Mole Machine at the start of the instance to go to the Tavern where you will find the Spy to turn in your quest to.
    Get, complete and turn in Insult Coren Direbrew. This is a daily quest but it does not reward tokens. ***Direbrewfest Complete!***
    When you kill Coren Direbrew, don't forget to loot him to get Direbrew's Dire Brew. Use it to get the quest Direbrew's Dire Brew. Return to brewfest and turn it in.
    When you have enough tickets(200), purchase your Brew of the Month membership form from Blix Fixwidget . Use it to get the quest Brew of the Month. Turn in at the Lodge in Orgrimmar. ***Brew of the Month Complete!***
    When you have enough tickets(350), purchase a brewfest hat, clothes, and shoes from Blix Fixwidget. Travel to Dalaran, put on your brewfest garb, get completely smashed and then /dance. ***Disturbing the Peace Complete!***
    Take the portal to Shattrath. Go to the eastern bridge that would lead out of town. Face north on the bridge and aim for the road in lower city. Get completely smashed and jump down. ***Drunken Stupor Complete!***
    When you have enough tickets(5) purchase some hops from Blix Fixwidget. Mount up and use your hops. Alternatively you can try for the random drop mounts from Coren Direbrew in BRD. ***Have Keg, Will Travel Complete!***
    Congrats! You're now a Brewmaster!


    Ticket Chart
    Tickets From
    10 Chug and Chuck
    10 This One Time When I Was Drunk.... (Daily)
    10 There and Back Again
    48+ Additional Work. Exactly the same as There and Back Again except there is no quest. There is a hidden 12 hour timer making it a double daily quest that doesn't count against your daily quest allotment. You get 2 Tokens for every barrel you return. This count assumes you take 45 seconds to return a barrel and you do this twice a day. (Double Daily)
    15 Barking Quests (Daily)
    40 Direbrew's Dire Brew
    Totals: 60 (One-Time)
    73+ (Daily)

    7 Days to reach 571 Brewfest Tickets


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