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    Theres GOLD in them thar streams!


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    Theres GOLD in them thar streams!

    Post by Tanis on Mon Jun 29, 2009 2:23 pm

    Don't be a douche give Fishing a try!

    I'm an admitted and proud fishing junkie, but had long ago resigned myself to the fact that my favorite ingame pasttime was never going to be a source of revenue. But Alterac Volley has a great post on the degree to which fishing has actually (gasp, shock, horror) become a moneymaking endeavor in Wrath. While I'll grant that on most servers it's probably nothing compared to, say, Mining or Herbalism, there's gold to be made in them there streams -- and this is all the more true for Domo cause thre Runetotem server hosts a large raiding population.

    AV observes that there are four types of fish most likely to be lucrative, and it's no accident that three of them (the Musselback Sculpin, the Glacial Salmon, and the Nettlefish) are the main ingredients of the Fish Feast, a valuable (although generalized) raid buff. I spend roughly an hour a week fishing for Rep and Cooking yet had never even looked to see what they retailed for. After reading over AV's comments, I took a peek at our AH and had a /headdesk moment discovering that Tanis could have been a much wealthier toon if I'd just spent a little time yanking up a few extra fish here and there.

    So if your character is at or close to the Northrend fishing cap (and especially if you're still on the lookout for the Sea Turtle, which requires you to fish in Northrend pools anyway) Get to it!! And, as always, I highly recommend El's Extreme Anglin' : as a great resource for the beginning and advanced fishermen out there.


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