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    Help us, help YOU


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    Help us, help YOU

    Post by Tanis on Thu May 28, 2009 10:57 am

    Hello one and all! First off, I LOVE Pheardomo and all my fellow members! We are reaching 6 years as an Online Gaming society amd that makes me EXCITED! Ill make this short,

    The Forums used to be HUGE and BUSY everyday, what happened?? The previous statement doesnt matter what does is:

    WHAT CAN WE DO 4 YOU!?!? Franco and I as Forum Admins WANT to provide YOU our friends and family in Domo a place to visit,stay in touch and communicate. Maybe new sections on topics you people want such as current events etc?? ALL constructive suggestions accepted!

    PLEASE give us your ideas and we WILL construct the Forums in a way that is usefull and fun for ALL. PLEASE help us help you.


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