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    New Usergroups


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    New Usergroups

    Post by Franco on Thu Jul 24, 2008 12:51 am

    I have created new usergroups to show the founders and elders dedicated members. If you were an original SWG DOMO member and havent been catagorized as an Elder either PM me or apply for the position under the memberlist nav link at the top. Because of the forum names being different from actual in-game names i sometimes get mixed up on who's who so please don't be offended if i missed you or put you in the wrong catagory. Heres how its broken down

    Moderators=Volunteers to help upkeep the forums
    Founders=The 3 orinal founders of Domo
    Elders=Original members of Domo during the SWG days (subject to change)
    Veteran Members=Members who have been involved with Domo the last few years in WOW
    Everyone Else=Pretty much anyone who joins Domo since the New Site launched. That includes new members who joined in AoC and future members.

    Please send me your thoughts on this or any recommendations on the usergroups.


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